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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I have moved to word press...

Dear readers,

To mix things up a bit and to sort of upgrade my blog. I have moved to word press. My new url is Thanks for listening.


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My sort of vacation away from job hunting..

    Well, I have been job hunting for the past three months, and I will have had leads I have yet to have someone say "You're hired" those two magic words, as they referred to at CVP.  The thing is that after this point I was tired, slightly annoyed but at least glad at some level that I have made it on to some employers short list, which is better than nothing, gives me hope that being hired is somewhere in my future. So, I figured rather than staying home and moping about being unemployed I would go to LA to catch up with relatives that I had not seen since my grandma died almost three years ago.
   I figured I need to face my fear of going to my grandma and grandpa's house and just go and I missed seeing my aunts and uncles and would get me to do that crazy thing known as socializing.  The catch to this is that it would be me seeing my dad for two days straight and him and I tend to not spend too much time together, because a) he has a tendency to be emotionally unavailable and b) I cannot be honest with him because I am pretty sure the results would be horrendous and because I know him and I have different beliefs about most things.  The one smart thing I did with regards to this trip is that I kept my expectations low.
      I say this because their were some high and low points to this trip. The low points being criticized by my dad rather intentional or not, learning that the aunts and uncles are gung ho about grandkids and that apparently for some people the hunger games  book is "mind poison" because it seems to lack meaning. Some other low points is that my dad's sisters wanted to play things by ear about what activities we were going to do there when the original plan was to do a hollywood tour which I have never done, we ended up seeing poppies because in the words of one of my aunts it was "free" . However, it was also an hour and half drive and I am sure their was stuff that free that could have been done in their city of LA, and mind you most of my aunts have lived in this city for most of their lives which made no sense to me. Also, I had twenty questions about my job situation and what I want to do with my life and lets just say most of my aunts and myself  were repeating ourselves for the past two days. The high points is that I go to see one of my favorite aunts, and I got to meet one of my aunts friends who was interesting and is for exploring the world in and outside of the US so I could relate to that, as I also have a yen to travel when I can. Also, I got some of my grandma's old jewelery that I fully intended on wearing  it if I ever get hitched.
   To sum up it was one of those trips were I was glad I went because I got to try some new places were I live and experience some new things in LA, but part of me wishes I would have stayed home. I am not sure if it was a "vacation" totally, I mean I did get a break from job searching, and facebook, and feeling trapped in my room. But by the end of it I wanted to be Dorthy and was thinking to myself "their is no place like home".  So this leaves me asking you readers have you ever went on a vacation that did not totally feel like a vacation for whatever reason?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Are job fairs becoming obsolete?

    I have gone to job fairs over the past couple months, but the main trend I seem to notice is that employers are telling potential employees to apply online. This seems to me mildly counter productive, because why go to a job fair if you are just going to be told to apply online in the first place. It makes me wonder what is the point of going in the first place?
      I know we are in an employers market and more so where I live where the unemployment is 12% which is almost double the national average.  But, this worries me if at a job fair all I mostly see are companies trying to sell you something, get you enrolled in various colleges which is good given most people need more skill sets me included, but their are very few places that are actually seeking employment.  This job fair was further hindered by the fact that most companies there hardly ever interview, hire on the spot, or doing the actual hiring for the company itself.
     I think it is due to these many factors that make and me other unemployed people wonder why they are getting up at 7am to go to a one of the supposed biggest job fairs in your city only to realize that all they might get out of it is that find out which people are potentially hiring, but very places are accepting or actually want your resume. If I had known that job fairs as of late had become this much of a joke, I would have stayed home applying places, praying that the application black hole known as the internet thought I was worthy of being interviewed somewhere.
   So I guess this leads me to my point of this post, what do you readers think of the job fairs in  2014? Have they become obsolete, or if they have do have any uses what are they?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Judging a book by its cover...

       I have applied for hundreds of positions in the past six months, occasionally to the same place multiple times.  I have learned which places I am going to be applying to online are going to be easy or hard to apply to based on their online job applications. My worst examples of trying of job application websites currently are Pet Co and Macys.
         Pet Co was simple enough in the beginning but when one had to enter one's location for past employment experience and for it would not search it for you no matter how many different terms you tried.  I had to look through thousands of locations just to find the state I live in, it was ridiculous.  I decided to forget and applied to their competitor PetsMart instead.
        My only issue with the Macy's online job application is that it has a tendency every time you to try to do that federal tax survey to say you have an error and to try again in thirty minutes. I have tried again when days have passed and still nothing has changed.  This just has me curious for companies if your planning to hire people through online applications shouldn't you make them accessible to the people who want to work there.
       I have had much better experiences at other companies such as Chipotle, McDonalds, and even the local and federal government websites. These websites at the very least are user friendly and one does not have to jump through more hoops just to apply for the position.  So, this has me wondering if any others have faced issues when trying to apply to places online?  Also, do you like me also tend to judge the company a little bit by how user friendly their job application website is?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Is it unemployment or leprosy...

    I have been pondering while if unemployment is the leprosy to those that are employed in the same way that single people were viewed in sex and the city (not to imply that single people are lepers I think all my single friends are awesome).  I am beginning to wondering if a lack of work is like a disease no one wants to catch. I say this because of the many articles I have read about those being unemployed for more than six months and not getting hired because they have not been working those past six months, even if they have been actively looking for work.
     This is a problem that is further impacted by companies looking for the elusive purple squirrel of a job candidate that may or may not exist. A search that could resist in many interviews and no actually behind hired for the position that is being sought since companies are too nervous in this company to given some people a try with the fear that it won't work out in the end.
       This all seems too much like a catch-22 to me, if you are unemployed you are not hire-able and after a certain point have the plague to some employers.  While, if you are an employer seeking workers their are some really high standards that might not even be met by the unicorn equivalent of job candidates.  This leaves people in a situation where a portion of society is looking for work, and another portion may or may not hire new workers.
    I think part of this puzzle could be solved if unemployed workers could be given a shot by some employers to become part of the workforce, so they did not feel like they were the carton of milk that was expired that no one wants to touch much less drink. I have heard some talk of programs where some companies would subsidize some of the wages for companies so that they could hire those who had been unemployed for a long period of time. I am not sure if this will ever happen or not, but its a good start, and gives confidence to those of us who feel like lepers compared to those who are gainfully employed.  So for those who are unemployed or not, what do you think about this employment conundrum that this country if facing?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hello My name is I am looking for work...

      These past couple networking events have taught me that people these days seemed to be defined what they are doing or not doing rather than who they are as a person. Well, it feels like it lately since all my questions are these past events have been the typical "What do you do?".  I am not sure if I am the only one who feels this way but I don't like being defined but what I am doing at this point in time. I would much rather be defined by my interests, like, dislikes, and how I treat you as a person.
     The thing is I have a feeling that me like others are unemployed are not thrilled to be put into this little box in which we are defined by what we are not doing at this point in not working, but rather seeking work. I wish their was some other way that the unemployed population could be defined. I am not sure if this will ever change though.
     My thought is that the discourse at these networking events needs to change and that the focus should be on getting to know one another rather our own personal agendas.  I say this because from what I have seen the goal seems to be very much the Jefferson's "I am moving on up" type of scenario.  Their should be less pressure so that those of us who have a hard time interacting with a group of people might actually have a shot at the very least making some acquaintances or friends and maybe in the future a job.  I could be wrong and other networking situations might be like this I have just never experienced them up to this point.  But, for now I would like to just throw out the "I am looking for work" agenda and focus more on getting to know people, because I can do that.
    These also has me wonder if other job seekers out there have faced similar issues when trying to network? If so I would love to hear about it, or if you have had awesome experiences networking with others I would like to hear about that also.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

The commodity of certainty

   I was at a job fair and talking with one of my volunteer cohorts and we were talking about uncertain one feels when unemployed and how this comes out in networking events. I say this because this person and I both have no idea how to act in this situations even with ample preparation. For example, I have gone to three of these events and to be quite blunt I don't know what to say, how I should be and if the focus should be on me telling the person about me seeking work, or actually getting to know them as a person. What, I have discovered over much practice with both approaches is that they don't work and this might be furthered by the fact that I like most unemployed people feel lost and not entirely sure about what to do with themselves.
       However, I think this uncertainty comes at a price for those who are out of work, if you don't know how you plan to define yourself to yourself how are you going to do with the many others that you converse with at a network event.  My new theory is that maybe employees are searching for those that are certain about those and their career path in life.  My guess is that they can't waste time on those that are feeling lost, uncertain, and want to keep our employment options open to some degree. Also, employers might be okay with people like this it just depends on how they portray it in networking situations.
    But, I have a feeling that those have clear goals in sight are able to do more purposeful networking and job hunting compared to those of us who just want work, and to have somewhere to go during the day where we feel like we are making a difference.  I think for me I feel like Marshall when he is looking for work in How I Met Your Mother in the hunt for the perfect hamburger where he just wants to be able to put on pants and go to work.
       I think, me like other job seekers just want to be able to put on these metaphorical pants and feel like we have been productive that day.  This being productive being defined as helping with their taxes, tutoring a student, or helping a customer find exactly what they are looking for in a retail environment, anything that makes one feel that they have helped a person, and the reward was just in that. I am not sure if others who are out of work, feel this way but I would love to hear your thoughts readers? Also those that are employed if you have any tips or hints for those of unemployed and are in an uncertainty funk I would also be open to hearing those too...